galahr, a GUI to Assist Learning About High dimensions in R, provides a GUI to the tourr package based on shiny and plotly. Upload your dataset and use the input panel to select settings for the tour and display, move to the results panel to play the tour animation.


You can install the development version of galahr from GitHub with:

Note that rendering is slow with the latest version of plotly (depending on the browser used). We are working on fixing this and currently we recommend using plotly version 4.8 with the galahr package. You can install this version with:

devtools::install_version("plotly", version = "4.8.0", repos = "")


You can launch the Shiny app with the default dataset or your own dataset. Once it appears in the RStudio Viewer, choose `Open in Browser’ for the best layout. The GUI also lets you upload a new dataset that is read from .csv format.