Ursula Laa

  • Research Fellow, Monash University
Hi, I am Ursula, a research fellow at Monash University. My research is interdisciplinary, connecting my background in physics and my current interest in statistical data visualisation and its application.
I mostly work on high-dimensional problems and use methods like the grand tour for visualisation of data beyond 3D. We can gain new physics insights by using better visualisations, but at the same time thinking about how to best plot the result also motivates us to develop new visualisation methods! Have a look through my recent publications for some interesting examples.
As part of my research I use and develop open source software, mostly in R or python. I am currently developing and mainitaining several R packages. A selection is given below, but you can check out my GitHub account to get a full overview.
Main interests: Data visualisation, statistical graphics, high-dimensional data analysis, machine learning and (particle) physics

Recent Publications

This is only a selection of some of my recent paper. You can find a complete list in my CV. For particle physics publications see my inspire account and you can also find my published papers on my ORCHID profile.


This is a selection of the R packages that I am maintaining or have made important contributions to.

Recent Talks

Slides for some of my recent talks are listed below. For slides made with R markdown the source code is also linked.